Friday, July 27, 2012

My Top 5 Reasons for Using To Use Evernote For Business Productivity

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Evernote is fast becoming one of the leading tools for any small business owner; it provides a way to organize your thoughts, collate and manage information and ideas like never before. Let's look at five ways that the small business executive can use Evernote in order to be more productive.


Every small business should have a ubiquitous blog. Whether you have a standalone blog or you make a concerted effort to interact with your customers and followers through something like Facebook, you must have something inspirational, educational or informative to say every time. It's unfortunate that the vast majority of small business owners start a blog but fail to keep up with it and in the business sense just don't make the most of this invaluable resource. Probably the main reason for this failure is a lack of preparation in terms of brainstorming or looking for inspirational ideas. Now, whenever you come across such inspiration, whether you are surfing the web or receiving a mental "flash" while taking a shower, commit it to an Evernote note.


While talking about blogging, as it is so important for the small-business owner, use Evernote as a organizing vehicle and an archive, apart from the place to collate your inspiration. In other words, have several different notebooks within your overall "master" notebook inside Evernote. You can archive all your published posts here and refer back to them for reference material, or make sure that you're not covering the same ground twice. You can keep a notebook with running ideas and you could have a separate notebook for posts that you are working on. In this way you can keep adding to, or augmenting blog posts that are in the process of compilation wherever you are and don't have to try and summon up your full "inspirational mode" only when you're sitting at your computer ready to type.


Typically in a small business we have many different projects in various stages of completion at any one time. You need to be able to communicate status updates to other members of your outsourced team or to clients from time to time. You can use Evernote to keep track of everything that's going on and this is the place to keep pertinent information and notes in one place. When you get into the habit of opening this notebook and committing all of these developments it will be much easier to keep on top of project progress.


Have you noticed how you periodically come across the need to do specific calculations, refer to certain ratios or convert one currency to another? You may make a subconscious note then that you shouldn't need to be looking for this information again. Therefore now is the time to put these calculations, ratios and conversions in a specific Evernote notebook.


In business we invariably find that we conduct some kind of research each and every day. More often than not we commit the results of that research to memory. While our brains are wonderful things for retaining and remembering information, we shouldn't risk such memory loss. Besides, when we put the results of the research into Evernote we are able to share it with other members of our team as well.

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