Friday, August 31, 2012

4 Ways to Make More Money by Using an Assistant

I strongly believe that every small business needs an assistant:  Someone who can handle the everyday stuff while you concentrate on the big
 money generating tasks 

like talking to potential customers and servicing customers.

If your business isn’t big enough to hire a full time person, consider using a Virtual Solutions Team of experts (like those at LearnEASE...yes this is a little bit of a shameless plug).  With our people and our technology, we are here to help in a cost-effective way.  There are many ways to use a Virtual Solutions expert and the good ones will have a wide range of ways to help you automate and streamline your business.  Here are a few that our clients use the most:

1. Social Media & WebSite Assistance:
Developing and maintaining a strong social media presence can seem like an overwhelming task for the small business. But don’t worry!  There are solutions out there designed to help make the most of your business’ social presence and increase your visibility.  We can set these up for you, automate, monitor and provide you with regular updates.  You have the benefit of keeping your finger on the pulse of your business without having to handle the groundwork.

2. Time Management Assistance:
If your business bills hourly, it is extremely important to know where you are allocating your time.  Even if you do not, ideally you should know how much time you’re spending on money generating tasks versus everyday paperwork, IT troubleshooting, and other tasks that take up time but don’t make you money.  A good virtual solutions team can ease your time constraints in a cost effective way that allows you to focus on your business.

3. Email Marketing & Newsletter Assistance:
Email marketing campaigns and newsletters can seem like a daunting task.  Making sure your emails stand out and your newsletters are noteworthy takes time and thought in order to add value for your business and your customers.  We can make your email campaigns and newsletters pain-free and we'll take the work out of designing and delivering, incorporate social media and web components, to help you reach more customers.

4. Analytics and ROI Assistance:
Measuring the results of your efforts is essential to building a successful small business and getting the most out of the hours you spend.  A good virtual solutions team will have an easy and cost-effective solution that can help you understand the data, give you integrated analytics and dashboards, specifically designed to streamline and track your success.

Every small business is unique and you have your own individual needs.  But you can't do it all, and by handing off the tedious tasks to someone else you'll free up your time to focus on what you do best -
Your Business and Making More Money!

As always, we are here to help.

Until next time,