Friday, August 17, 2012

Email Marketing Tips for Small Business

Being a Small Business owner is fun, challenging and sometimes down right hard.  More often than not, you have to be not just the owner, but the sales person, IT expert, Customer Service Manager, plus do all the marketing, advertising, etc.  The popular saying that time is money is very true, and even more so for today's small business owner.

This is also true for our busy customers and prospects, and more often than not emails get deleted even before they are opened because people simply do not have the time to spare with what they perceive to be a waste of theirs.  So what is a Small Business owner to do?  Here are a few tips on how to make your email marketing get you results:

Tip #1 - Design & Presentation

One thing that often causes an email to be disregarded typically lies in the actual design and presentation of the email.  There is only a small fraction of time to grab the individual’s attention.  If this is not done almost immediately, then the opportunity is definitely lost and the email is discarded.

One way to grab attention is to use pictures to make the email visually appealing, and  to also make sure the email content is relevant.  Take a few minutes to look at the content of the email from the recipients point of view.

Is the material not only relevant but informative without seeming too technical or boring?  

Is it designed to be short and to the point?  Without being too pushy in the sales pitch the product must be featured and all positive points made within the shortest possible amount of words. Including some eye catching visual effects.

Tip #2 - Show Some Personality

There can be a fine line between being too formal and being too casual, so consider taking some time to think through the intention of the email, the product being promoted and the person receiving it.  People like to buy from people, so the more you can personalize your emails and help them understand you, your companies philosophy, the better the ongoing relationship will build over time.

Using a personal touch as a measurable bench mark, try to design the email as closely as possible to the experience the individual would have if they were receiving it as a presentation in person.  This will give the email a more exciting and approachable tone. It will also help the recipient to connect to you, your products and/or services.  If it is designed in an interactive way, the personality of the sender will be felt and the email will develop a sense of comfort and trust.  Establishing a slightly more personal touch can build throughout the email campaign starting with the initial email and continue throughout any future exchanges.

Tip #3 - Don't forget to Tease & Link

Remember the attention grabbing window is small, therefore it is important to optimize the email.  Using tools like teasers and links, when well designed, will help increase the chances of getting and retaining the attention of your email audience.

Ideally teasers should be designed to attract the recipient curiosity. Curiosity creates interest and can make an individual thoughtful.  Consider posing a question that can create an initial exchange of ideas. Once this exchange is established it can be a great step in the right direction and should be capitalized.  Another beneficial element to include in the email is the use of links. The links should further enhance the content matter as it will assist in introducing other related sites to the recipient. These links if featured from a reputable website can increase the chances of being picked up by search engines which in turn makes the contents seem more relevant and popular. This popularity angle will further perk the interest of the recipient.

There are many email tips and tools available to help small business owners with their email campaigns.  Here is a link to a few of my favorite free articles from AWeber:

Thanks again for reading! If you have any questions or need any assistance please feel free to contact me at any time using the contact information below.  I am happy to help.

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