Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to Have Facebook Advertising Success

Lately I have been playing around with Facebook Advertising.  At first it was a little daunting, but once you get in a groove and do it a few times, it is pretty simple.  The key is to keep it short, simple, and sweet -- that's how we've built a business at LearnEASE and it works on Facebook, too. Here are five ways to make Facebook work for you, without rearranging your lunch breaks:

  • Use the Facebook Power Editor. Ok, it's a little buggy. But it gives you options that let you track your advertising, set up news feeds and mobile adds, and do bulk editing. It's simple to understand, and there is a nice tutorial, so you won't waste tons of time on the learning curve. 
  • Love Content. Share photos. Link to your site or to news or related blogs. Keep it simple. Re-share things your followers have posted, check the morning news, or share things that come across your feed that seem relevant. Fresh, relevant content drives ad conversions. 
  • Place ads. If it's in your budget, those ads can make a difference. Target them for certain demographic or geographic sectors (or by likes, connections, interests, etc.), so you're only advertising in areas that work for you. Text ads, display ads with images, or super-hefty Facebook engagement ads are your three options in the Facebook universe. 
  • Be organized. From the beginning, set up an organized ad campaign. Know what you want to achieve, so you can measure your results against your goals. Plan how often you'll post content on Facebook or how often you'll set up new ads -- and then stick to that schedule. 
  • Minimize time, maximize results. If you only have five minutes a day to spend of Facebooking, make it count. Plan posts in advance so you can cut and paste in two minutes when the day comes, or schedule your posts, then spend three minutes responding to messages. If you only post three days a week, that gives you two other work days to work on ads. It doesn't have to be a headache. 

Expect a learning curve at the beginning, and start in a week when you can build in some extra time to figure out exactly what you're doing. Set aside time once a month to put together a calendar. Once you're conversant with the software you'll find you have plenty of time to do what you need to do without extra stress.

Happy Facebooking!